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Archives for September 2013

Indi Molecular Launches with $1.5 Million Seed Round Led by InterWest Partners

September 20, 2013 – Indi Molecular, which pioneered a synthetic replacement for antibodies, today announced that it has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by InterWest Partners and joined by several angel investors. The funds will be used to further develop PCC (protein catalyzed capture) agent technology: a breakthrough process that produces synthetic peptide molecules capable of binding interactions that are equivalent or superior to molecular antibodies. PCCs have several advantages over antibodies, including lower cost, faster development and greater specificity. They are being developed as a replacement for antibodies in in vivo imaging, therapeutics, in vitro diagnostics and biological tools. Indi Molecular, previously an operating division of Integrated Diagnostics (Indi), will now operate as an independent company, while maintaining close ties with its parent company.

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Obama honors biotech pioneer Lee Hood

Puget Sound Business Journal | 4 January 2013 |
Patti Payne
 “Dr. Leroy ‘Lee’ Hood, co-founder and president of the Seattle-based Institute for Systems Biology, has been chosen to receive the highest award bestowed upon scientists by the United States government: the National Medal of Science.” Full Article [subscription required]

Integrated Diagnostics® Launches Imaging Division to Create PET Imaging Probes

Press Release | 13 June 2012

SEATTLE – Integrated Diagnostics (InDi®), an emerging leader in molecular diagnostics, today announced that the company has launched a new operating division, InDi Imaging™, that is creating a new generation of PET imaging probes using the company’s innovative protein catalyzed capture (PCC) agent technology. PCCs, initially developed for in vitro molecular diagnostics, will be employed as rationally designed, in vivo diagnostic imaging probes that mimic the properties of antibodies and biologics in PET molecular imaging, with the benefit of being chemically stable, synthetic small-molecules.

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InDi Unit Looks to Take PET Imaging ‘From Black & White to Technicolor

Xconomy | 13 June 2012 |
Luke Timmerman
 “This is like going from black and white with no sound to Technicolor and surround sound. It’s big.” Dr. Albert A Luderer, CEO, Integrated Diagnostics. Full Article

InDi Named One of The Top 50 Most Innovative Companies by Technology Review / MIT

Technology Review | 22 February 2012 | Full Article

Caltech and Integrated Diagnostics Researchers Receive Grand Challenges Point-of-Care Diagnostics Grant

Press Release | 16 December 2011

SEATTLE — Integrated Diagnostics announced today that researchers from the company and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) will receive a Point-of-Care Diagnostics grant through Grand Challenges in Global Health, an initiative created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that seeks to engage creative minds across scientific disciplines — including those who have not traditionally taken part in health research — to work on solutions that could lead to breakthrough advances for those in the developing world. Jim Heath, Ph.D., co-founder and Board member, Integrated Diagnostics; Gilloon Professor, Caltech will pursue an innovative point-of-care diagnostics project, titled Protein Capture Agents with 40 oC shelf life for developing world point-of-care HIV-1 diagnostics.

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Integrated Diagnostics and Caltech Researchers Jointly Create Synthetic Class of Diagnostics and Therapeutic Agents with Antibody-Like Properties

Press Release | 26 October 2011

Protein-Catalyzed Capture Agents (PCCs) Designed Using “Click Chemistry” Show Promise for Broad Use in Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Data Demonstrating Synthetic Class of Site-Specific Binding Molecules is Published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

SEATTLE — Integrated Diagnostics, an emerging leader in molecular diagnostics, today announced that it has created a synthetic class of diagnostic and therapeutic agents with antibody-like properties: protein-catalyzed capture agents. PCCs were created in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) using “click chemistry,” a synthetic process that allows scientists to permanently join (“click”) together molecular components with unusual precision and stability. PCCs offer the promise of superior stability, lower cost and faster creation compared to monoclonal antibodies, the current standard for identifying biomarkers in most diagnostics platforms – and in many therapeutic uses. Data demonstrating the design and use of this synthetic class of site-specific binding molecules was recently published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). In a separate release, Integrated Diagnostics also announced that it has licensed click chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute and appointed K. Barry Sharpless, Ph.D., the inventor of the process, as an advisor.

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Integrated Diagnostics Licenses “Click Chemistry” From The Scripps Research Institute, Strengthening Partner Network

Press Release | 26 October 2011
Dr. Barry Sharpless, Nobel Laureate and Click Chemistry Pioneer, Joins Integrated Diagnostics as Advisor

SEATTLE — Integrated Diagnostics, an emerging leader in molecular diagnostics, today announced that it has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with The Scripps Research Institute, strengthening its growing network of partners. Under the license, the company will have access to “click chemistry,” a powerful chemical process developed by K. Barry Sharpless, Ph.D. Integrated Diagnostics concurrently announced that it has appointed Dr. Sharpless, who shared in the 2001 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, as an advisor. In a separate release, the company announced that it has used click chemistry in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to create a synthetic class of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, with antibody-like properties.

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Caltech, Integrated Diagnostics Win $500K from Gates Foundation to Build Point-of-Care HIV Test

Caltech, Integrated Diagnostics Win $500K from Gates Foundation to Build Point-of-Care HIV Test

ProteoMonitor / GenomeWeb | 23 December 2011 | Adam Bonislawski
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